Carsson 4 Startup

First startup-friendly car rental company in Poland

We know how hard it is for startups to secure external funding. We know how difficult credit and leasing can often be. And we know that without means of transport it is exceedingly difficult to even survive in the modern business environment, let alone thrive. This is why we have created Carsson 4 Startup. This service is dedicated to all companies that have just started their enterprise, but already know they need mobility. Thanks to a streamlined verification procedure it is possible to pick up the car on the same day. And should the venture fail? In Carsson there are no long-term contracts - they can be extended on a monthly basis, to more efficiently manage company resources. In the worst case scenario, the car can simply be returned with no additional costs.

No unnecessary formalities
Simplified credit check procedures
Car retrieval even on the day of signing
Full car service
Replacement car
Change cars during contract

Our fleet consists of the newest commercially available car models. Our cars are no older than one year.

Our employees adhere to the highest international customer service standards.

Our fleet is replaced every 12 months or 36 000 km

Several insurance variants, providing maximum protection to the client.

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