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First startup-friendly car rental company in Poland

Cars starting from 1299PLN per month

About us

Carsson Sp. z o.o. is the best choice on the polish car rental market. Years of experience collected in the largest international rent-a-car companies have allowed us to introduce an entirely new level of quality. We offer our services in accordance with the highest global standards - at local prices. We are also the first startup-friendly car rental company in Poland. See what values are key to us.



Our customers' satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. It is what drives us to always do better, and their recommendations are a source of our fulfillment.



We strive to provide the broadest range of models, from city cars to the premium segment.



Our staff are beholden to the highest international customer service standards. Thanks to them we are an excellent business partner to small startups and large corporations alike.



We understand how important mobility is in modern times. We thus strive to keep our cars available at all times.

Our fleet consists of the newest models on the market. Our cars are never older than 12 months.

Our staff adhere to the highest international standards in customer service.

At Carsson we offer the best price to quality ratio on the market.

We are among a few companies who can provide an offer custom tailored to our customer's needs.

Change your life, change your business. Rent a car and start optimising costs. Minimum formalities.

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